This annual European Industrial Cleaning Forum & Expo is the leading conference and business event on industrial parts and surface cleaning in Central Eastern Europe.

We will present, share and discuss the latest technologies, developments and trends on industrial cleaning solutions and innovations for the automotive, aviation, machinery, tooling, machining and precision industry, their component manufacturers, pharmaceutical, medical and chemical manufacturers, producer of electronics, optics, heat treatment and for many other industrial sectors of today.

Compressed knowledge about available technologies and cleaning methods for a wide range of applications from mass production batch cleaning, single parts cleaning, precision cleaning (fine and ultra-fine cleaning), to the surface treatment technologies prior to coating will be presented. From cleaning media like water based cleaners, environmentally friendly used hydrocarbons, modified alcohol, chlorinated hydrocarbons or polar solvents to several cleaning procedures like vapour degreasing, dry cleaning, high-pressure, deburring, injection flood, immersion, spray, vacuum cleaning and drying, ultrasonic, CNp, hybrid or Beyond technology. Corrosion protection, packaging and logistics, cleaning bath maintenance, cleaning agent handling, conditioning and disposal won’t be forgotten.

This conference could be also seen as training on the basics of industrial cleaning methods for newcomers and as forum where specific challenges could be raised and discussed by experienced professionals.

Topics of the conference

Today, in many industrial sectors the residual surface contamination is exactly defined in product specifications. Cleanliness of the surface has become a key quality factor. Examination and measuring of the achieved surface cleanliness is today a must.

State-of-the-art cleaning solutions in terms of equipment and cleaning media, delivering best results in terms of costs and efficiency.

Monitoring of the cleaning baths with an automatic addition of cleaning media, incl. continuous recording of all process parameters.

Cleanliness could be destroyed immediately after manufacturing process, even right after cleaning process, as result of environmental influences, parts handling during internal and/or external logistic steps. It is tremendous important not only to achieve a defined and expected level of cleanliness, but also to maintain it during the whole supply chain, until the parts will be delivered to the customer or to next production step.

Continuous distillation systems of all media and continuous removal of dirt. Quality assurance, corrosion protection and surface conservation. Clean room technology.


All presentations and discussions will be simultaneously translated


Targeted group / Participants profile

This event is intended for companies and people dealing directly with industrial cleaning or manufacturing processes, equipment manufacturers, customers and suppliers. Recommended to engineering, production, maintenance & repair, quality assurance staffs, environmental departments, buyers and decision makers from every field of the manufacturing industry using cleaning technologies and to all who are ready to invest in new technologies. Most of adequate solution suppliers will participate and present their newest achievements and developments.


Benefits for the participants

Highly beneficial event for all attending professionals. The only opportunity to gather information about specific areas of interest in industrial parts and surface cleaning. Overview of processes, media, optimization, costs, but also direct comparisons between different and competing technologies. You will have the chance to meet personally nearly all suppliers operating in the industry and potential customers, all in one place and at one time. You will be able to share experience, update your knowledge, learn about recent technologies, as well find new contacts in the sector. All these should enable all participants to stay ahead of the competition.


Special fee for visitors of the exhibition area only

At special request we issue training certificates